Significance of International Yoga Day 2023

International yoga day 2023

Find out the significance of International Yoga Day 2023

The goal of the celebrations planned for the International Day of Yoga, which will take place on June 21, 2023, all over the world, is to increase awareness about the multiple advantages of engaging in yoga practice. As a direct result of the work done by Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, the day was first celebrated for the first time in the year 2015. The date of June 21 was chosen for the celebration of this day because in the Northern Hemisphere it is the day with the most hours of daylight, and in other regions of the world, this day also has a significant meaning.

International yoga day 2023

What is the date of International Yoga Day 2023?

Relax your body and stretch your mind as you’ve never experienced before at International Yoga Day on June 21st.

International Yoga Day 2023 Significance

There are innumerable advantages to practicing yoga for one’s body, mind, and spirit. It facilitates the healing of oneself, raises one’s level of self-awareness, contributes to the achievement of equilibrium and harmony, and does much more besides. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated during yoga, which has the effect of reducing stress and tension in the physical body. Bringing yoga into our daily routine and making other changes to our way of life can be beneficial to our overall health. With all of these advantages of yoga in mind, it was decided that celebrating the International Day of Yoga was something that needed to be done.


To celebrate International Yoga Day, people around the world are set to grab their yoga mats and begin working out, but they may not realize that yoga dates back to the beginning of time.

Yoga is an ancient practice that began around 5,000 centuries ago in India. Yoga was designed to bring together the body, mind, and spirit to help move toward enlightenment. When the practice gained popularity in the West, it was embraced as a relaxation and exercise method that claims to improve the general health of the body and ease physical injuries as well as chronic pain.

The concept of International Yoga Day was first suggested by PM Narendra Modi on the 27th of September 2014, in his speech to the UN General Assembly, where an initiative to declare the 21st of June to be International Yoga Day was introduced by India’s Ambassador Asoke Kumar Mukerji.

This date was picked because it falls on an official Summer Solstice, the day that has the highest amount of sunlight out of every different day in the calendar. It was also supported by 177 countries, the most co-sponsors in any UN resolution. It also declared the 21st of June to be International Yoga Day.

On the 21st of June, 2015, more than 36,000 participants which included Prime Minister Modi along with numerous other prominent political figures across the globe took part in 21 yoga asanas (yoga positions) over 35 mins in New Delhi in what was first International Yoga Day and day is celebrated across the world since then.


International Yoga Day is relatively recent, which means that there aren’t any long-standing traditions. Yoga is a centuries-old art that reenergizes the mind and calms the soul. The goal of the day is to inspire those who are not familiar with the yoga lifestyle and align themselves with their own chakra.

Yoga for beginners is a great way to get started and begin to create movement patterns for the music they love. Prior to starting yoga mats, new yoga pants are purchased. People who are experienced in yoga experiment with new techniques and also introduce their friends to them. Instructors can also organize special yoga retreats for groups.

International Yoga Day Activities

Bring Your Tree Relax and Enjoy Nature

When you practice outside, you can breathe oxygen into yoga postures. You can practice in the ocean, in the local park, or in your backyard. Being in a different setting can be much more exciting when you have different things to look at.

You can do your “om” thing

Make your own flow of movement and find new ways to incorporate your favorite music. Sometimes, a change in your rhythm or style of music can help you concentrate your focus and align your breathing to music shifts.

Introduce your friend to the yoga lifestyle

The presence of a friend could be just the motivation to revise your routine. Their presence will not only encourage you to improve your poses, but they could score huge special yoga discounts for students who are new to the practice.

Why we love international yoga Day 2023

It’s all-inclusive: Everyone of all ages religions, nationalities, and backgrounds can enjoy yoga because it is accessible to everyone! There is a myriad of types of yoga exercises that anyone can begin. The size and fitness level do not matter. There are variations for each yoga posture and beginner classes in all styles.

Yoga helps you manage stress: Sometimes life can be stressful and can affect our bodies. Are you suffering from neck or back discomfort, sleep issues, or headaches? Regular yoga practice brings peace and mental calm and eases stress and will assist you with all of these issues.

Yoga is a good exercise for your body:It’s not a surprise, but it’s worth being repeated. Yoga improves and stabilizes the spine and relieves back tension, stress, and tension. It assists in weight reduction and maintaining a healthy metabolism, and improving flexibility.

Resources to celebrate International Yoga Day, 2023:

Here we have over thousands+ resources that are ready to be used in your classes. Prepare to reflect unwind, relax and relieve stress after a hectic day at yoga with our teacher-created tools.

Yoga cards to Help Promote Sleep and Relaxation: These cards offer simple yoga postures that are appropriate for all students. Yoga postures that are covered are designed to encourage effective sleep and relaxation, which makes ideal to be used at school as well as at the home. Each card includes an Mudra for yoga, the benefits, and instructions on how to create and hold the mudra.
Sum of Gross Motor Activity Card: This guidebook teaches students how to do yoga with a mindful approach while improving their gross motor abilities. Our cards offer students different yoga posesthat allow students to test their motor and coordination while they practice the poses.

Printable brain-break card for the mind: Begin your child’s mindfulness journey in the classroom using this fantastic PDF resource. The set of eight cards can break up lengthy lessons and help your children get their energy back and recharge before the next project.

Summer Olympics Yoga Card: Bring back that spirit and excitement of Olympic Games while encouraging flexibility and relaxation by using our yoga cards that are fun and relaxing. They encourage flexibility, strength and relaxation. Each card has information about your currency’s name as well as its Sanskrit name as well as its benefits, a picture of the currency, and steps-by-step directions for entering the mudra.


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