Weight loss: 5 yoga asanas that can help you burn calories

5 yoga for Weight loss

Yoga for weight loss: 5 asanas that actually work:

If you think you will reduce belly fat by eating any instant slimming product sold in the market, and then let us tell you that consuming these things can prove dangerous. Chemicals are used in most of the products sold in the market, which can also harm your body. In such a situation, it would be better to adopt a natural method to reduce the increased fat. This process will take some time, but it has no side effects. With the help of these yogasanas, you can reduce your weight without any side effects. Let’s understand the best 5 yoga asanas for weight loss.

5 yoga for Weight loss

1. Sun salutation yoga poses for weight loss:

The first of the best 5 yoga poses for weight loss is the Sun salutation; by doing this asana, all types of abdominal muscles are strengthened. By doing this asana regularly, belly fat is reduced. By doing Surya Namaskar, one gets peace both physically and mentally. The nervous system calms down, and the thyroid gland becomes normal by doing this asana.

  • Place your feet together as you stand on your mat. Take a deep breath in, open up your chest, and raise your side arms. Join your palms together (over your head) as if you were praying as you exhale.

• Take a breath in, raise your arms, and lean back. You need to keep your shoulders near to your ears.
• As you exhale, budge your torso forward and make an effort to contact the ground with your hands.
• After exhaling, step back with your left leg and lunge downward to bring your right knees up to your chest. Backward-extend your left leg. Lift your head and gaze ahead.
• Take a deep breath in and extend your right leg back to achieve the plank position. You should be straight from head to toe with both hands under your shoulders.
• As you exhale, carefully lower your knees to the ground. Your hips should be in the air while you place your chin on the floor. On the ground, you should only rest your hands, knees, chin, and chest.

• Lie down on the floor and place your palms next to your heart. Take a deep breath in and lift your upper body off the ground.
• As you exhale, elevate your hips slowly into an inverted “V” position. For that, straighten your knees and elbows, and focus on your navel.
• Step forward with your left foot while extending your right leg back behind you.
• Take a deep breath in and also move your left foot forward. Exhale as you bend your torso into Hasta Padasana while maintaining the position of your hands.
• Breathe in and rise slowly. Join your palms as you extend your arms above your head. Lean slightly to the rear.
• Take a deep breath out, then stand up straight and calmly. Holding your palms in front of your chest, lower your arms.

2. Falakasana yoga poses for weight loss:

Falakasana is an extremely effective yoga posture. Healthy minds reside in the body that is healthy. Falakasana does not just increase metabolism but also assists to keep your mind in a stable state. In the modern world keeping your equilibrium is the most crucial thing. Falakasana aids in the development of this ability to create equilibrium in your body. When you perform Falakasana your quadriceps and your legs should remain strong enough and strong enough to withstand the entire weight of your body. First, you need overcome the fear that is within your head that you might fall when you practice.

• Lie on your stomach with your hands straight and your toes tucked under. Take a deep breath and slowly lift your body off the surface. Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists, and your arms should be parallel to the floor.
• From head to heels, your body should be in a straight line.
• Hold this position for a short moment and inhale deeply. Return to your natural position gradually.

5 yoga for Weight loss

3. Virabhadrasana 2 or Warrior 2 yoga poses for weight loss:

It is believed that the Virabhadrasana pose is named for the avatar that Shiva. Shiva, Virabhadra, and the Abhay warrior. The tale of warrior Virabhadra along with other stories from the Upanishads can be a source of inspiration in everyday the daily life of every person. This posture helps strengthen the muscles of the hands shoulder, thighs, and the waist.

• Stand upright on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms to your side in a relaxed posture.
• Exhale and take a big leap to your right (2 up to three feet to your foot on the right).
• Now, bend your left toes, then bend your knees to 90-degree angles.
• Make sure your right foot is turned towards the left approximately 15 degrees. Your right heel should be in alignment with the center of your left foot.
• Move both arms to the side. Do you think you can bring them to your shoulders? Your palms should point towards the upwards. Breathe deeply in this posture.
• Turn your head to the left, and gently press your pelvis as far as is possible. Take a break for a few minutes before returning to the original position. Repeat the exercise for the opposite side.

4. Ardhaa Pincha Mayurasana or Dolphin Plank yoga poses for weight loss:

One of yoga’s most favored fundamental exercises for strengthening are Plank Pose, also known as the High Push-Up Poses. But doing Plank correctly can be difficult for those suffering from wrist discomfort or carpal tunnel syndrome. This variation, known as “Dolphin Plank” is performed with the forearms. This takes the stress off wrists and provides all the advantages from Plank Pose.

  • Begin to come to the low posture plank, with your arms resting on the ground with your feet tucked into.
    • The elbows of your arms should lie directly beneath your shoulders your body should be straight from head to toe.
    •  Lift your hips to the ceiling, creating the shape of an upside-down V.
    •  Stay in this pose for time before returning to the point where you started.

5. Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Staff poses yoga poses for weight loss:

Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose), also known as Low Plank, is one of the most effective yoga asanas for losing weight and toning the abdomen. However, the pose is challenging for many. This pose resembles a push-p and involves all your limbs to do the posture; hence, it’s called the four-Limbed Staff Pose. This yoga pose helps build strength in the arms, wrists, lower and upper back and abdominal muscles. It helps develop core stability and increase stamina, among many other benefits.

5 yoga for Weight loss

• From the plank position, shift your body weight to the push-up position.

• Bend your elbows back to lower your chest toward the floor.

• Lower your body until your shoulders aligns with or above your elbows.

• Do not let the shoulders dip or come anywhere near touching the floor. Hold this pose as long as you can.



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