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5 yoga for Weight loss

Weight loss: 5 yoga asanas that can help you burn calories

Yoga for weight loss: 5 asanas that actually work: If you think you will reduce belly fat by eating any instant slimming product sold in...
Benefits of Pranayama

The Power, Importance and Benefits of Pranayama

The Benefits of Pranayama: How Better Breathing Can Improve Your Whole Life Yoga is very beneficial for us. There are numerous yoga postures, or asanas,...
Early Life of Sadhguru

World-famous Sadhguru: why is he so popular?

World-famous Sadhguru: why is he so popular? An Indian yogi, mystic, and author, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, is also known as Sadhguru, or simply Sadhguru. He...

Yoga for Releasing Stiffness

Yoga for Releasing Stiffness the popularity of yoga has evolved a lot during the last some years....
Yoga for Eyes to Remove Glasses

Yoga for the Eyes: Natural Ways to Sharpen Sight

Yoga for Eyes to Remove Glasses: Steps and Benefits Yoga Poses for eyes is a particular kind of yoga that aids with strengthening the muscle in...